Thursday, July 27, 2017

4 Shortcut Staples That Will Save You Time in the Kitchen

I am constantly trying to find shortcuts when cooking for my family that do not compromise quality or flavor. In this post, I will share my top 4 shortcut staples that will save you time in the kitchen.

4 Shortcut Staples That Will Save You Time in the Kitchen

#1: Frozen Herb Cubes

I like Dorot frozen herbs, especially the garlic and basil packages. These frozen herbs allow me to easily add flavor to a dish without having to chop an additional ingredient or dirty another utensil (plus stepping on stray garlic skins on my kitchen floor is one of my biggest pet peeves).

 #2: Chopped Onion

I purchase the chopped onion at Costco and use it when I am making something that will simmer or
sit, like when I marinate meat or cook grains. This ingredient adds similar convenience as the frozen herb cubes, and I don't have to worry about my mascara running from chopping onions.

#3: Kitchen Shears


If you can't tell from the first two items on this post, I really try to avoid unnecessary chopping and washing dishes (ask my husband, if the sink is full of dishes, I can't even look at my kitchen). Kitchen shears are great for chopping scallions, cubing meat for stews (just be sure to wash them really well after working with raw meat), and cutting frozen fruits for a fun family snack... which brings me to our next staple.




#4: Frozen Fruits and Vegetables


Besides being great for smoothies, frozen fruits and vegetables are a great (and sometimes more affordable) way to bulk up a dish without adding extra time in the kitchen. Need to make a quick side dish for dinner? Toss some frozen peas into the pot after your rice finishes cooking. Need to stretch out your pasta dish without adding more carbs? Cut up frozen asparagus (using your handy kitchen shears) and mix them into your sauce and let simmer for the last few minutes of cooking.

So those are the 4 shortcut staples I find myself using on a regular basis. What are yours?

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