Thursday, July 27, 2017

About the Menu Mommy

We've all been there. After a busy day of getting everyone out the door for school, a full day of work, schlepping from carpool to sports practice, you finally get home. Instead of being able to sit down and put your feet up or read a book with your sweet child, who you haven't seen since the "cheerio incident" at breakfast, you find yourself staring wide eyed at the refrigerator trying to figure out how a jar of pickles, string cheese, and a head of broccoli can be magically transformed into dinner. You wish that you could snap your fingers and in a scenario much like Mary Poppins, which your child has insisted on watching for the millionth time, dinner will magically march out of the refrigerator, chop itself, and transform into delicious meal that everyone enjoys and deserves. Although I cannot perform that exact miracle, I can offer you the next best thing. I will work with you to plan weekly, feasible menus in advance, including recipes and shopping lists catered to your families specific needs (budget, allergies, dietary needs, etc.). As a mother of two young children who works full time, I have mastered meal prep to maximize time with my kids and minimize time in the kitchen. With my help, you'll be fully prepared and able to shop efficiently, plan in advance, and tackle dinner while still being able to manage life's unpredictable moments. 

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